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Our Treatment Approach

The human body has changed little since we first appeared on the planet but our lifestyles have changed dramatically.   Our bodies are designed to be active and modern lifestyles are mostly inactive.  Inactivity causes us to develop muscle imbalances that distribute the stresses of movement unevenly over our body frame causing inflammation in the overstressed tissues and resulting in stiffness, pain, degeneration and eventually tissue failure.

Conditions affecting the tissues of the body frame are referred to as neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions or "nerve-muscle-skeleton" conditions.  Traditional chiropractic uses skeletal treatments (joint manipulation) to address all neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions.  This approach assumes that all problems originate in skeletal structures.   I believe that each patient has their own unique combination of involvement in these 3 tissues and that most often the main tissues affected are not skeletal and actually are nerve and muscle.  My approach utilizes treatments designed for the specific tissues that are the problem.  I use nerve treatments for nerve tissue, muscle treatments for muscle tissue and skeletal treatments for skeletal tissue.  I have found that this approach tends to be more conservative and effective with fewer treatments required and longer lasting improvement for the patient.

My "typical" office visit lasts approximately 30 minutes.  Some can last up to an hour.  The time is spent almost exclusively with me.  The types of treatments include a variety of hands-on treatments and exercises that are combined to best address the patient's condition.  Lifestyle modification is utilized to include nutritional and activity recommendations.  Most patients will experience some change in their condition immediately.   An average of  8-10 treatments over a 6-8 week period are necessary to achieve a maximum level of improvement.

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Services Provided

We provide conservative treatment of acute and chronic conditions of the spine and extremities for all ages and lifestyles.

We have treated all ages and all activity levels from the very young to the very old. from soccer moms to professional athletes from minor injuries to people who have  had 4 surgeries and are still in pain.

Many patients are surprised that nearly half of the conditions that we treat are related to the extremities and not the spine.  Shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, toes, feet, ankles, knees, hips, ribs and the TMJ are all effectively treated in our office.   Lifestyle modification is a very important component of every patient's treatment in our office.  This includes activity/exercise advice, ergonomic/work station advice and nutritional advice.  Be sure to ask about our wellness program!

 The types of services provided at Fare Chiropractic are similar to other Chiropractic clinics with one main difference.  How and when they are applied.      

In particular, manipulation is performed on a conservative to aggressive scale.  We always start with light/more conservative techniques and move toward heavier/more aggressive ones if necessary. As a result there tends to be less of the heavy "snapping and cracking" kinds of manipulation.

Lots of hands-on muscle techniques are utilized to relax tight muscles, remove scarring/adhesions, strengthen weak muscles and balance muscle tension evenly over the body frame.

A large variety of exercises to increase muscle strength, coordination and stability are utilized.

A variety of adjunctive therapies are utilized to speed recovery.  Most recently we have added cold laser therapy and Dry Needling.

































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